[changing strategies] 2007 - architecture talk_ complex[c]ity

On next Monday the 15 October, starting from 16 o’clock the architecture symposium [changing strategies] takes place at free entrance in the Viennese WUK. With of TU to Vienna student organized Event international architects will try to develop solutions for cities of the future. […] As students of architecture at the University of Technology in Vienna, again and again we have to face the limits of the respective curricula during our studies. [changing strategies], a students’ initiative, should help to overcome these boundaries. Once a year students organise an international symposium whose topical focus changes each year. Not only the topic is subject to annual change, but also the organising team. This way [changing strategies] can profit from the various experiences and cumulated knowledge. Info: e-mail: changing_strategies@gmx.at; www.changing-strategies.at