Master of Science in Visual Studies, MIT

[deadline: 6/11 > 15/12/2007]
The MIT Visual Arts Program (VAP) seeks talented, curiosity-driven and creative students to apply for upcoming academic year. This selective two-year program grants successful participants a Master of Science in Visual Studies (SMVisS) degree. Founded in 1988, VAP is embedded in MIT under the aegis of the School of Architecture and Planning and within the Department of Architecture. This unique position encourages a wealth of interdisciplinary exploration and research. The Program_The MIT Visual Arts Program operates as a production- and education-basedlaboratory within the context of an advanced technological community. Our program explores the wider role and relevance of art in society and considers artistic practice as knowledge production, thus promoting an approach that challenges traditional genres and the limits of the gallery/museum context. Studio investigations and artistic research are realized through performance, video, photography, manufactured objects, electronic systems, interrogative design, as well as through experimental media and newgenre. Central to the curriculum is the potential for students to concurwith other areas of the MIT community. There are endless opportunities to develop collaborative, interdisciplinary relationships with programs and labs in architecture, urban planning, media arts and sciences, mechanical engineering and other disciplines. […] Info: tel +1 617 2535229 e-mail:; VAP - MIT