Tectonics Making Meaning_ conference

10 -12 dicembre 2007, Eindhoven (NE)
“Tectonics Making Meaning” is an international conference and student design competition which will take place at the Department of Architecture, Building and Planning at the University of Technology in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The event consists of an international student design competition as well as an international conference. The Chief Government Architect of The Netherlands, Mels Crouwel will open the conference. Speakers include Ken Yeang, Kenneth Frampton, Jesse Reiser, Mark Goulthorpe, Rogier van der Heide, Chris Williams, Bert Dirrix and others. The theme of the conference and the design competition is tectonics. Crucial to the success of the event is that it will try to engage both the profession and the student. It’s goal is to celebrate the international and multidisciplinary character of the making of buildings. As you can see, tectonics is an important parameter of quality within the building world. It is a word that covers the co-evolution of the production, or making of buildings and their design with reference to the purpose for which they are built and the technology employed in their making. Within the framework of the conference this concept will be used to focus on the close cooperation of the various disciplines within the building industry, from the planner to architect and from the structural engineer to the project developer. A major theme will be the considered production of buildings within the fast changing context of our social and natural environment. Info: tel +31 40 2479111 e-mail: info@tectonics2007.com; www.tectonics2007.com