Luca Vitone - At Home Everywhere

23 novembre 2007 - 3 febbraio 2008, Linz (Austria)
Opening the November 22, 2007 at 7 p.m., in O.K Center for Contemporary Art, Dametzstrasse 30, Linz, the exhibition “At Home Everywhere” by italian artist Luca Vitone. When an artist, in these times when nationalist discourses and xenophobic polarization are increasingly skewing our view of present-day realities, proclaims that he -feels at home everywhere-, this can only be encouraging. Luca Vitone’s multifaceted work can thus be read as an attempt to redefine concepts like -homeland,- -cultural identity- and -territory,- surveying them anew (in the literal sense as well) and working against unilateral, one-dimensional and stereotyped concepts. In terms of content, Vitone’s interest in -determining- a place is directed primarily at groups of people or human activities that the dominant social structure usually deems peripheral or outmoded from the anthropological viewpoint: e.g. the (still) nomadic Roma people, fast-disappearing regional folk music with its idiosyncratic instruments or the anarchist movements that seem to have vanished into thin air. What they all have in common is the lack of a fixed, geographically defined territory and its corresponding national symbols. The works shown at OK address the typical issues of a period we could describe as late modernist: Identity, place, object, symbol, communication… Vitone uses many different media: Video, installations, Photography, sound, objects, texts…, which are as relevant today as they ever were. It is for this reason that the OK decided to direct the attention to Vitone, an artist who, in his work, never lost contact to life. Info: tel +43 (0)732 784178-0 fax +43 (0)732 775684 e-mail:;