Martin Parr - Assorted Cocktail

15 dicembre 2007 - 2 marzo 2008, Berlin
With this project, C/O Berlin, Oranienburger Straße / Tucholskystraße, Berlin, presents the first-ever show of the renowned Magnum photographer’s color work in Berlin. Martin Parr will be joining us at this exhibition as a guest of C/O Berlin for his third time as artist and curator. With a penetrating eye for extreme but otherwise inconspicuous and peripheral situations, Martin Parr offers a view of the world as it is and not as it should be: overweight British diners devouring their fish and chips, beet-red vacationers reclining in their deck chairs, couples in restaurants staring past each other in silence, and Japanese tourist groups gathered before the Acropolis. He shows excessive realities rather than bright prospects, and presents people in the age of globalization and consumer mania with blunt honesty – often in provocative and sometimes even sarcastic terms – but always affectionately. Martin Parr is considered a great innovator in color photography. He injected new life into the medium by recording the signs of the times in daily life soberly, systematically, and almost laconically. Info: tel +49 30 28091925 e-mail:;