sostiene l’appello per il Marchiondi di Vittoriano Viganò sostiene l’appello di Docomomo Svizzera e Italia per la salvaguardia dell’Istituto Marchiondi di Vittoriano Viganò, realizzato nel quartiere Baggio a Milano dal 1953 al 1957 e capolavoro del Brutalismo italiano | - appello_ “Viganò’s Marchiondi Institute in Milan under severe threat / Once again, we need your help to show the international concern that the proposed renovation of an important modern landmark can raise among Docomomo members worldwide. This time, the target is the Marchiondi Institute by Viganò in Milan, one of the most significant examples of Italian postwar architecture. The Istituto Marchiondi is due to be transformed into a “social multicenter”, based on a project which gives little consideration to its morphological, typological and material identity. Docomomo Switzerland and Docomomo Italy request the Italian Board for Architectural and Landscape Heritage to list the building as a monument of architecture as soon as possible. Bruno Reichlin, who leads the safeguard battle together with Andrea Canziani, informed us and asks all Docomomo chapters to join this appeal that is the result of the synergy between the Swiss and Italian Docomomo chapters. Therefore, could you send a letter by e-mail showing your concern and asking for the protection of the building?” Info: - -