1,2,3… Avant-Gardes - Art as Contextual Art

20 dicembre 2007 - 30 marzo 2008, Bilbao (Spain)
At Sala Rekalde, Alameda de Recalde 30, Bilbao (Spain), opening the exhibition “1,2,3… Avant-Gardes - Art as Contextual Art. Film/Art between Experiment and Archive” is the next stage of an exhibition and research project that explores the “continuous” history of experimentation in film and art and the interaction of both fields. Curators: Łukasz Ronduda, Florian Zeyfang and Leire Vergara. Grounded in the extensive Polish experimental film output of the 1970s, 1,2,3… Avant-Gardes will offer a selection of films mostly produced by Polish artist from that period, whilst including contemporary international artistic proposals that constitute a challenge for the interpretation of the history of experimental cinema. The exhibition follows a schema structured under the following headings: Analytical Strategies. Games and Participation. Political Film and Soc Art. Image and Sound. Imagination. Consumption. This specific assembly will structure the works with the aim of analysing both formally and conceptually the use of experimental strategies within visual production. The show at Sala Rekalde is a new contribution of 1,2,3… Avant-Gardes entitled Art as Contextual Art. It departs from main ideas developed by Polish conceptual artist Jan Świdziński who in early 1970s wrote manifests and produced art works based on radical ideas about the importance of working within a specific socio-political context. His proposition for producing Contextual Art instead of a more universal Conceptual Art was crucial for the Polish art of the 70s. The exhibition will try to analyse the political, aesthetical and theoretical implications of working with the context of some Polish artists active in the 1970s and will also expose the different ways of negotiating with this issue in contemporary art production. Info: tel +34 94 4068755 fax +34 94 4068754 e-mail: salarekalde@bizkaia.net; www.salarekalde.bizkaia.net