gaaleriie.net_ internet gallery for contemporary architecture is the internet gallery focused on contemporary architecture. It was founded by Alena Hanzlova in December 2006 as a new form of presentation of contemporary architecture, which should combine advantages of lectures and exhibitions. The internet projects are based on interactive videos. Architects are speaking about the principles of their work on the video. The visitor can watch buildings at a time as a documentary film (about 40 - 60 min.), or visitors can create their own version of the video by selection from the list of themes or list of projects. Video is accompanied by photographs, plans and visualisations. Projects are officially opened by lectures or projection of the video. Printed catalogue appears to each project. The gallery is focused on top contemporary architecture with connection to living environment. The internet projects are aimed to architects as a source of inspiration in thinking, to people that are interested in culture and environment as a form of publicity of contemporary architecture in a popular way. Info: tel +420 233 343471 e-mail:;