Hyperhabitat: Reprogramming the World

7 luglio - 11 agosto 2008, Barcelona/Venice >[deadline: 25 giugno 2008]
The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia launches the digital fabrication summer workshop. The aim of the workshop is to produce an installation focussed on digital fabrication procedures, designed by Guallart Architects (www.guallart.com), IaaC (www.iaac.net), and the BCN Fab Lab (www.fablab.es) in collaboration with Bestiario (www.bestiario.org) that will be presented during the Biennale of Venice. The installation Hyperhabitat: Reprogramming the World, will reproduce, in 1:1 scale, a youth dwelling with sharing spaces. It will be fabricated with acrilic and interconnected with informational systems to the networks and urban systems from bigger scales. Multimedia designers, software and hardware programmers, designers and other kind of experts will participate for the production of the installation. Requirements: architects and students of architecture or design with computer design skills will be admitted. Aim: The aim will be to fabricate items for the installation, based on digital fabrication, laser cutter machines and other techniques taught during the workshop. Phases: The workshop is subdivided in three stages: Workshop 01: 07July - 19July | Workshop 02: 21July - 02August | Assembly Workshop: 04August - 11August (Venice) | Selection: Each sub-workshop will be composed by 20 participants. The workshop is subdivided in two workshops of two weeks each one. The applicants can choose to participate in one or both sub-workshops. Among both sub-workshops participants, five people maximum will be selected to travel to Venice for the Assembly Workshop. Registration: until 25 of June 2008. Info: Tel: +34 93 3209520 fax +34 93 3004333 e-mail: info@iaac.net; www.iaac.net - www.iaacblog.com