World Architecture Community Awards - 20+10+X projects

[deadline: 25/07/2008]
World Architecture Community announces the first cycle of the new international award programme which will be an integral part of the community portal. The aim of the WA Community Awards is to highlight and publish remarkable projects that might otherwise remain unnoticed by the international public but have the potential to inspire exciting questions about contemporary architectural discourse. Awarding follows a most democratic procedure where all member’s ratings and the votes of all Honorary Members are effective in the final decisions. Registrations are completely FREE and without extra costs so that all architects can participate both as candidates and judges | - Eligibility_ Architects from ALL countries can submit ALL of their buildings (realized or not) for the appreciation of the WA Community. Recent projects (not older than 10 years) will have more chances to be shortlisted for the Awards. Students, landscape architects, engineers may also submit for the awards projects they are the author of: we do not check or accredit diplomas. Projects submitted to the WA Portal prior to this announcement will also be considered for the award program. But these pages should be updated by their authors to meet the submission requirements for a better presentation of work | - Criteria for Recognition_ Novelty, Originality and Creativity in design that reflect and inspire a commitment to the art of architecture are the major criteria. The WA Portal tries to bridge the gap between theory and practice: thus the architect’s explanations and member’s discussions on submissions will be critical for recognition as much as the design itself. Info: e-mail:;