BilbaoJardín 2009

>[deadline: 30/12/2008]
The purpose of the second edition of BilbaoJardín 2009 is to create 27 new spaces in our city, 27 personal and creative conceptions of modern gardening. These 27 spaces have been carefully selected in order to form a creative mesh within the city, allowing locals and visitors alike to enjoy a very special stroll throughout the different quarters of Bilbao and marvel at the garden projects participating in the contest. BilbaoJardín 2009 aim is to continue on its invitation to the development of creative gardeners, landscape artists, architects and other creative people wishing to participate. The contest has no theme, so contestants are free to choose their own topics. Also, the organizers will value those proposals based on living matter, that is, on vegetation, as the main element of their creations, since it is precisely this use of botanical elements (trees, bushes, ivy, perennial plants, flowers, water plants, succulent plants) that we wish to particularly disseminate. The contest is open to all those individuals or teams interested in participating. Info: tel +34 94 4238600 e-mail:; - bando_en.pdf