The Image of Heritage: Changing Perception, Permanent Responsibilities

7 - 8 marzo 2009, Firenze >[call for papers: 10/12/2008]
The Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation of Florence, ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites), and ICCROM (International Centre of the Preservation and Restoration of the Cultural Heritage) are glad to announce that the abstract submission for the III ICOMOS Scientific Committee Theory and Philosophy of Conservation and Restoration Conference The Image of Heritage: Changing perception –permanent responsibilities is now open. The conference is divided into 4 sections: - SESSION I: Changing the approach to the cultural property in the past: physical and intellectual | - SESSION II: Media between man and cultural property: their influence on the perception | - SESSION III: Mass tourism and cultural property: the place of cultural tourism | - SESSION IV: Responsibility for the future; the role and responsibility of mass media; the sustainable cultural tourism | Please submit your abstract (and specify the session chosen) no later than December 10th 2008. The abstract should not be longer than 5.000 characters (without images). The first-order headings should be in Times New Roman 12, bold, upper/lowercase letters with the text in Times New Roman 11, 1.5 spacing. | Among all the abstracts received: - a)_ 20 of them will be selected by December 20th, 2008 by the ISC Theory Commission Members (headed by Prof. Andrzej Tomaszewski) for the oral presentation during the conference in Florence |- b)_ the ISC Theory Commission reserves the right to select other abstracts whose authors will be invited to submit final reports; those reports will be included in the virtual proceedings of the conference and visible on the official ISC Theory Commission’s web site | The authors will also have the opportunity to take part in the conference in Florence as auditors (non-speakers). The official ISC Theory Commission’s web site will also host a Forum where users can interact with the Members of the ISC Theory Commission. Info: tel +39 055 216066 fax +39 055 283260 e-mail:;