Deadline Today! - 99 stories on making architectural competitions

18 giugno - 20 luglio 2009, Vienna (Austria) >[deadline: 15/04/2009]
Wonderland-Platform for Architecture is proud to present its new project “Deadline Today! - 99 stories on making architectural competitions”. The project’s ambition is to provide a comprehensive overview of European architectural design contests, focusing on the role they play for architectural practices. An exhibition in June 2009 in Architekturzentrum Wien (Az W) in Vienna/Austria will be the showcase of the research on the topic, accompanied by 99 individual stories. Success or scandal, the rise of your office or the take-over of a concurrent one – if you have a prize-winning competition and a story to tell, the questionnaire below is your entry to exhibit! Beside individual stories, a selection of physical models will depict the experimental, innovative thinking of architectural competitions – make sure to send us the photos of the model with your application to be in the few selected! Info: tel +43 1 8177830 e-mail: - - bando.doc