Shadow Casters - Trilogy of Togetherness_ Explicit Contents

Shadow Casters are launching a new theatre project TRILOGY OF TOGETHERNESS, which will be realised in the course of 2010 as a co-production of 3 theatres: - EXPLICIT CONTENTS – Zagreb Youth Theatre / Zagreb (March 1, 2010) | - EVOLUTION: MASTER CLASS – Atelje 212 / Belgrade (July 1, 2010) | - MALE/ FEMALE-FEMALE/ MALE – Theatre &TD (Culture of Change) / Zagreb (November 18, 2010) | Is it possible in just a few hours of sharing the joint space and time of a theatre event to evolve from a community of “courteous strangers” into a true community of people with all their differences yet united in the same passion? Is it possible to sing “La vie en rose” and “Paint it Black” together, creating a third song and a new colour? Those and many other questions are dealt with in EXPLICIT CONTENTS, a theatrical journey during which everybody – performers and audience likewise – has a chance to choose their own roles and place in the community but all with the same goal: to create a “perfect performance”. EXPLICIT CONTENTS is a politically correct performance (social event) that equally offends everybody and/or leaves them indifferent. In dealing with community, even the theatre one, this is the staging of an encounter with manifold consequences of which some may even be predicted. The theatre community is the embodiment of convention; Shadow Casters investigate how far the audience is ready to go in fulfilling this convention and following its rules. Author of concept: Boris Bakal; Directed by: Boris Bakal and Katarina Pejovic; Dramaturgs: Boris Bakal, Katarina Pejovic, Stanko Juzbasic; Performers: actors of Zagreb Youth Theatre. The project was financially supported by City Office of Education, Culture and Sports and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia. Ticket reservations at: tel +385 (0)1 4640262 fax +385 (0)1 4616123 e-mail: - -