ARC Architectural Research Center 2010

[deadline: 1/05/2010]
MAG LAB (Syria - Spain), in collaboration with Ebdaat magazine (architectural creations) - Alfa 301 (Spain) and Stardust* (Spain - Italy - Brazil - USA) is organizing the 2010 International Architectural Competition (Architectural Research Center). The 2010 competition calls for innovative projects which take into consideration the historical and social context, the existing urban fabric, the human scale and the environment. The competition wants to give the participants enough freedom to address the challenges in the most creative and innovative way. In this way the Arcompetition will become a platform for the dialogue between different architectural approaches. All the project must be technologically feasible and environmentally responsible both safeguardin nature and respecting and reflecting the history and culture background of the chosen site. The site could be whatever, to be chosen by the participant, but is necessary to explain, investigate and justify the choice. It could be interesting if the ARC would solve a particular critical problem or situation in the site. The designers are free to address the challenge in the most creative, innovative functional and constructible way. Each proposal must respect the actual environment values and the human scale, furthermore must preserve the social context and the existing urban texture. Info: e-mail: -