A Sonic Square for Florence: The AS contribution to a square rediscovery

Saturday, March 13th, 2010, at the Auditorium Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, a conference will be held to introduce a very fine project: the architectural, visual, acoustic and sonic redevelopment of the square Piazza della Vittoria in Florence. The project is the result of a successful co-operation between the Architecture studio Poltecnica (in charge for the architectural design), VIE EN.RO.SE engeneering (the acoustic analysis and design) and Architettura Sonora/Applied Acoustics ( in charge for the sound diffusion project and the city noise masking software design): all the partners accepted to join the project in order to create an overall harmonic and integrated planning strategy for the full renovation of the square. The project is the result of an innovative methodology carried out in data collection and in soundscape analysis, along with the collection of opinions and impressions from ordinary people who daily live the square. The project shows a solution that could adequately meet the requirements of both the specific, physical and environment needs of the site, combined with the wishes stated by the inhabitants themselves. Within the conference, Lorenzo Brusci will illustrate the contribution of Architettura Sonora in the redevelopment of the square. He’ll show how A.S. can reinvent and rewrite the experience of the human habitat through a special sound experience design. Architettura Sonora plays actually a significant role within the wider re-qualification project. The rebirth of the square go through the application of A.S.’ sound modules and the interactive and automated sound diffusion of original music compositions designed and produced by Lorenzo Brusci and his A.S.’s sound design team (Simone Conforti is the music software designer in charge for the final release of A.S.’ Automated Soundscape Generation system, a software able to produce an interactive ‘noise masking’ effect in an urban context). The sound modules A.S. will be integrated in the natural and architectural environments, enhancing their relational characters. At the same time, the site specific multichannel compositions will be based on accurate field recording sessions and historical analysis. The sound module is bound to the specific environmental acoustic characteristics of Piazza della Vittoria itself, therefore it will be changing and adaptive, as changing and adaptive is the habitability of this particular living context. The sound diffusion system proposed is totally immersive and it’s able to follow the dynamics of the human relationships developing in this architectural context. Info: www.architetturasonora.com