MIC My ideal City - Forma Urbis Futura

[deadline: 28/02/2011]
Università Iuav di Venezia launches a video production competition on the interpretation of the future townscape of the four cities of Trento, Copenhagen, Jerusalem, Lisbon, open to young artists and students of all Europe and Israel. Theme_ The competition aims to obtain videos able to provoke within the spectators the development of critical and creative consciousness regarding the shape and image of these four cities, inviting them to discover and imagine their possible and desirable future changes. The participants (students or amateurs, less than 31 years old) are invited to envision the future of one of the four mentioned cities, imagining a desired future city starting from the positive or negative factors they acknowledge in the current city. Jury_ The first phase of judgement will be held by four different juries which have the task to select the best 5 entries regarding each city (Trento, Copenhagen, Jerusalem, Lisbon). The 20 selected entries will be judged by a final jury of 5 members, chosen among Iuav professors, film directors, cinema critics and a representative of the Hangar Design Group: this jury will decide one first prize and at least three acknowledgements, one for each city. Prize_ For each city (Trento, Copenhagen, Jerusalem, Lisbon) 5 videos will be selected and published on the MIC website and will be projected in the MIC exhibitions and conferences. Within each city group, a winner will be chosen: the prize for these 4 winners will be a journey to visit the exhibition in one of the four cities. Info: www.myidealcity.eu