Atelier le balto - Les pieds sur terre

9 maggio - 19 settembre 2010, Aachen (DE)
The garden artists of atelier le balto can look back at ten years of work and will present their most important and ground-breaking projects in the exhibition “Les pieds sur terre”. The architects and landscape designers from Berlin and Le Havre are known for an approach to nature and landscape that is both innovative and conscientious while always involving the public in their planning. Atelier le balto has built up a reputation with garden projects that were realized in the context of art institutions such as the gardens in the atrium of the exhibition space KW in Berlin or the Jardin Sauvage next to the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, followed by the garden designs of FRAC Lorraine in Metz, Villa Romana in Florence and the festival Lausanne-Jardins in 2009. Their most recent project is currently being developed for the Ludwig Forum in Aachen. During a time of four years, our garden will be reshaped in order to re-establish aspects of the original garden design and open up the garden’s full potential as an attractive part of the local neighbourhood. A book in French, English and German is published. Ludwig Forum, Julicher Strasse 97-109 - Aachen (DE). Info: tel +49 241 1807104 fax +49 0241 1807101 e-mail: -