Sophie Calle

23 giugno - 24 ottobre 2010, Copenaghen
With her photographs, texts and film installations Sophie Calle (b. 1953) creates what one could call reality-close fictions. The exhibition at Louisiana will be showing a number of the artist’s central works; works that play with our perception of reality, mix the private with the collective, often draw on journalism, anthropology or psychoanalysis and take their point of departure in literature, the diary or the photo-novel. Sophie Calle, who is one of France’s most appreciated living artists, often uses herself as a narrative starting-point for the story in the work. This also applies to Take Care of Yourself (Prenez Soin De Vous), which was one of the high lights of the Venice Biennale in 2007, and which has just been presented in an English version. For this work Calle has invited a wide variety of women (from a ballet dancer to a lawyer) to use their various professional skills to give their interpretations of an e-mail where the artist’s lover ends their relationship. The results are poetic, touching and humorous statements which together form a monumental installation. Info: tel +45 88435052 e-mail: -