Boral Design Award 2010

[deadline: 30/09/2010]
Design a detached residential dwelling on a compact suburban site of the future (see site plan), with a floor area of 125sqm. Your design must include internal renders, exterior detailing and landscaping that responds to the specific challenges of the site. The design must also demonstrate innovation in the use of an appropriate mix of Boral products from the competition Product Sheet, embracing their passive design potential and overall product strengths. Overall, the concept must demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, adaptability, affordability and a reasonable expectation of construction feasibility, as might apply to a mid-range residential market. Finally, the design must explore creative opportunities for a house that fully embraces outlook and an indoor/outdoor lifestyle. Response to aspect and the surrounding context is a critical part of the design solution and contextual photographic renders for the site are available for download from the competition web site. Info: