VHOM - Vienna House of Music competition

[deadline: 31/01/2011]
ArchMedium, a company which organizes international architecture competitions for students, proposes the design of a new building, the Vienna House of Music knowing the importance of Vienna’s past and future. The House of Music is meant to become a new generation of music school that will help Vienna to create an important link between its history and its present. The building will need to solve two different programs, a music school /conservatory and a new public space that is related to the park and the city. The project seeks to relate music and nature through architecture. The Stadtpark is the site chosen, both for its importance in the city and because it’s located on the famous Ringstrasse. The exercise faces the difficulty of building close to the historical city and in the middle of a park, at the same time that a small canal and two major avenues define the sit. The call is public and open to all undergraduate students, both from Architecture as from related careers. Students must be able to prove, by any official document (enrolment papers, student card, etc.) that they were students at the time the contest began. All postgraduate students, whose undergraduate degree is not older than 3 years, can also participate as we understand their education as a continuous process without professional experience. Participation can be individual or in group, with a maximum of six members per team allowed. Teams can have members of different nationalities and they don’t necessarily have to study in the same center. Info: http://en.archmedium.com