Istanbul Design Week 2010

29 settembre - 3 ottobre 2010, Istanbul (TR)
Istanbul Design Week 2010 will be held between September 29 - October 3 in Old Galata Bridge.The event aims to introduce Turkish Design to the world. The Old Galata Bridge, that connects the two sides of Halic, will be used as a design object, which “Design” and “City” notions connect each other, or an exhibition space. It will present a unique experience to participants and visitors. Istanbul, with its history and diverse potential, has a significant privilage among the toher world metropoles. It is a junction where continents, cultures, civilizations, religions, races and the past and the future meet The world’s creative societies, seeking for new delights and inspirations turn their faces to the diversity presented by this city, its suprising elegances, flavours and gustoes. Design, fashion, music and art environments keep on discovering the city structure that combines different cultures for thousands of years with a great excitement. Info: