Next Generation 2011 Design Competition

[deadline: 31/01/2011]
The Metropolis Next Generation Design Competition was set up in 2003 and has always aimed to promote environmental activism, social involvement and entrepreneurship in young designers. In partnership with US General Services Administration, Metropolis Magazine is launching its Next Generation 2011 Design Ideas competition under the theme GET ZERO, challenging entrants to transform an 8-storey 1960s era GSA office building in Los Angeles into a Zero Environmental Impact property. The deadline is set for January 31st 2011. Sponsored by Herman Miller, the GET ZERO competition aims to gather the best and brightest emerging designers to create “fixes” that will transform the existing GSA building to the highest possible level of performance in an original and beautiful way. Entrants may be teams working together to transform the entire building or individuals or small groups tackling one or two individual systems and elements. The entries must also focus on making the building safe, accessible, and efficient for the people who work there and the thousands of citizens who visit it. GSA is the world biggest landlord and has over 9600 buildings in its portfolio that each need to achieve Zero Environmental Footprint. Therefore, the winning entries should present design ideas that has potential for wider application to all of these. A jury of architecture professors & practitioners from today’s well know architecture practices will award $10,000 to one winning design. Info: