Andrea Branzi. The Weak Metropolis: for a “New Charter of Athens”

1 dicembre 2010 - 6 febbraio 2011, Vienna
A major concern of Andrea Branzi, co-founder of the group Archizoom and of the Domus Academy in Milan, is the predicament of cities in the 21st century. In his lecture, Branzi will make ten “modest recommendations” towards understanding the city according to new social and functional logics. In this sense, the concept of the “Weak Metropolis” calls for a new way of thinking which is capable of finally overcoming the urbanism of the modern era. It reacts to an environment which has changed due to globalization, the Internet, new workplace situations and imbalances both ecological and economic. The artistic and theoretical creativity of this important representative of the Italian radical design movement is determined by the interplay between architecture and design. To accompany this lecture, the MAK DESIGN SPACE will be hosting its first more extensive showing of urban visions and concrete design objects by Branzi. Info: