Research by (Urban) Design. Breaking Boundaries / Founding Grounds

Il 2 dicembre 2010, ore 14-18, presso la Facoltà di Architettura e Società, via Ampère 2, Aula Rogers, a Milano, si terrà Research by (Urban) Design. Breaking Boundaries / Founding Grounds, seminario organizzato congiuntamente dal corso di dottorato in Architettura, Urbanistica, Conservazione dei luoghi dell’abitare e del paesaggio (AUC) e dal corso di dottorato in Governo e Progettazione del Territorio (GPT). The seminar is organised around the premise that research-by-design, as an exploration of feasible futures, is a powerful tool for investigation and an important medium aiming to set problems, programmes and future actions rather than to solely solve them. An urge to address the way how urbanism and landscape disciplines might tackle the relation between research and design is the starting point of the symposium, where the ambition is to give speakers the opportunity to inspire to signififi cant critique through their projects and works. The seminar will bring together design practitioners and theorists with the goal of exploring the potential of different design methodologies in breaking the boundaries between analytical and projective thinking, while questioning the use of interpretative mappings, visions and scenarios as effective devices to approach research as a creative process. Info: