About a Minute

10 dicembre 2010 - 13 febbraio 2011, London
About a Minute is the inaugural exhibition at The Gopher Hole, a new project space in Hoxton founded by aberrant architecture and Beatrice Galilee. Our aim is to explore new ways of curating ideas in contemporary culture and to provide a forum for sharp, critical debate on the arts and society. We hope to provide an open house for ideas that cross cultural boundaries, promote political and sociological thinking and encourage debate and exchange between disciplines. For our first exhibition, About a Minute, we have invited 15 conceptual artists, architects, designers, poets and writers to interpret a minute. Each work in this show was chosen for its thoughtful, provocative or playful response to the time through various mediums and orders. This plurality is key to the curatorial philosophy of the Gopher Hole: interrogating popular culture across disciplinary borders. Participants: Rachel Armstrong, Shumon Basar, Diane Cochrane, Economy, Glowacka Rennie & Robin Dutson, The Go West Project, Elaine W. Ho, Sam Jacob, Christian Kerrigan, Pedro Gadhano, Ralf Pflugfelder, Postworks, Jon Stone, Sunday Collective, Luke Wright. Info: www.holygopher.com