XV Biennale de la Méditerranée

7 ottobre - 6 novembre 2011, Thessaloniki (Greece)
Opening 6th October 2011 the new edition of the Biennial de la Méditerranée.
 25 years after the first successful organization of the Biennale of young creators from Europe and the Mediterranean, the city of Thessaloniki is ready to host the XV Edition of the Biennale de la Méditerranée.
This year, the Biennale will be characterized by a new format, not just a single event, but a long journey through the Mediterranean area, with the participation of 2 main cities – Thessaloniki in october and Rome in december 2011.
The organizing institutions – the General Secretariat for Youth, the Municipality of Thessaloniki, the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art and the Aristotle University – are collaborating with other local institutions and independent organizations (among these Dynamo Project), in order to activate all the creative forces of the city towards the creation of a memorable event. Info: www.bjcem.org