P_Stop: call for entries

[deadline: 26/10/2011]
Museum of Contemporery Art PERMM, within the Public art Program realisation, Perm Center of Developement of Design, with the support of: Ministry of culture, youth policy and mass communication of Perm Region, Administration of Perm City, Roads and Transport Department of Perm, presents public-art project P_Stop. We are invites artists, designers, architects to participate in “P_Stop” project. Age and stylistic preferences of the authors do not matter. All types and genres of planar images are good – street-art, photo, illustration, comics etc. 119 bus stop complexes in Perm becomes public art projects with Your help. All you need to do - to find the image that fit format and send it by e-mail (JPG-files) on PermStop@gmail.com or by one of the file share services (if the size of a file is larger than 6 mb). The rest we will do - prepare the layout, print, install - and already the New Year bus stop with your image will decorate one of the streets in Perm! We accept: - Original designs made specifically for the project P_ Stop | - Images from your portfolio that will fit into the format of the project | - Images has already shown at fairs and festivals, which can be re-formatted and placed on stopping pavilions | The number of sketches of a single author or art group - Unlimited! Info: http://publicartperm.ru