Alvar Aalto Medal 2012 a Paulo David

The 2012 Alvar Aalto Medal was awarded to Paulo David on 2 February 2012, at the World Design Capital Gala at Sibelius Hall in Lahti, Finland. In the view of the jury, David’s architecture forms a convincing synthesis of contemporary and traditional architecture. David creates architecture that respects local conditions on his home island of Madeira. According to the jury, David’s timeless architecture succeeds in forming a new historical layer of Madeira’s centuries-old landscape and housing stock. The buildings designed by David can be considered both landscape and architecture. In the words of the jury, “David’s work is locally rooted, yet at the same time universal. His is a timely reminder that architecture can be quiet, serene, lyrical, powerful and well removed from spectacle. His work continues the search for an appropriate, relevant and authentic architecture that fuses with the landscape. The work respects and responds to ‘history, time, place, culture and technology’ – his is architecture of response rather than of imposition.” Info: