Andrea Branzi - Objecten & Territoria

17 febbraio - 26 marzo 2012, Antwerp (BE)
Opening: 16 February 2012 at 8 p.m., at deSingel international arts campus, Desguinlei 2, Antwerp. Objecten & Territoria. This thematic exhibition displays the relationship between new designs and what Branzi describes as anthropological themes such as history, nature, life, love, the sacred and death. Andrea Branzi (1938, Florence) is a designer, architect, theorist, teacher, curator and publisher who operates from Milan. His career illustrates not only his critical ideas, intellectual commitment and activism, but also his opposition to over-consumption and the hollow system of ’stardom’ in architecture. The exhibition consists of writing and models on the one hand and on the other a film that specifically examines architecture: ‘No Stop City’ (1968), the ‘New Charter in Athens’ (2010), ‚Ķ This material is surrounded by designs for various utility objects: ‘Trees’ (2011), ‘Animali Domestici’ (1985) etc. in which the innovative use of materials is combined with natural elements: tree trunks, water, etc. The various installations all share the same fundamental criticism: objects and architecture are not simply artefacts created by technology and consumer marketing, but must provide an answer to contemporary and real human needs. Info: