Ritratti di città. Istanbul / Istanbul. City Portrait

29 febbraio - 1 marzo 2012, Venezia
Istanbul. City Portrait is the fourth conference of a series entitled “Portrait of cities”. The series, promoted by the Università Iuav di Venezia-School of Doctorate Studies and organized by its PhD students and doctors, will cover cities all over the world and address the subject of urban complexity from a variety of viewpoints, which is the only way to understand it. The co-existence within the School of Doctorate Studies of different research approaches, relating to architecture, urban planning or design, united by a scholarly tradition that has made the Iuav an international point of reference in the sphere of historical and urban studies, makes the theme of the city particularly suitable for making the best use of the skills developed at our university. The aim of the conferences is not so much to summarize processes that are too complex to be the object of a small number of considerations, but rather to provide keys to the interpretation of important aspects of our contemporary nature, and to the understanding of how this nature is presented within those urban phenomena that more than anything else characterize it. The conference will focus on cities that are particularly relevant for their historical importance and their present-day condition, capital cities or metropolises in every continent. For each city the reasons and the components of their diversity in a globalized world will be analyzed. Historians, urban planners, architects, experts in design or economics, photographers, etc. will participate to the conferences. Each conference will be accompanied by an independently produced series of images (films, photographs, documentaries) by which means a specific city has been represented and made known to its inhabitants and to those beyond its boundaries. Info: www.iuav.it - http://istanbulcityportrait.wordpress.com