MOBILIciTY - Tirana Multimodal Station

[deadline: 30/06/2012]
AWR - Architecture Workshop in Rome proposes “MOBILIciTY - Tirana Multimodal Station”, an ideas competition. The project for the new Intermodal Train Station in Tirana intends to meet the requirement for an overall renewal of the city, in terms of comprehensive revision of the rail and road mobility. The new pole is intended to become the hub of exchanges and therefore to have the ability of connecting both the urban areas and the areas outside the city, in compatibility with the existing railway network. This is why the municipality of Tirana intends to collect all around the world ideas that could respond to the new needs introduced by the city’s current expansion. New ideas to reinterpret existing mobility systems and the relationship between the machines and men. The presence of such an influential new core within the current urban tissue requires strategic choices that encompass great responsibility, both in terms of reorganization of a major road and railway receptivity. Unlike many European capital cities, where the presence of the railway station already weighs heavily on the central urban contexts, the competition site is located in a completion area, far away from the city centre. One of the problems that the new intermodal system should take into account is the connection with the heart of the city. By establishing easier connections to the main activities and services in the existing urban fabric, the use of new infrastructure at different times of the day will be further improved. The new intermodal centre will not only meet the standard requirements of railway stations, but it will also offer a viable alternative in respect to a functional mix that can best interpret the constant changes taking place in a city like Tirana. Info: