National Museum of Afghanistan Ideas Competition

[deadline: 16/04/2012]
The Ministry of Information and Culture of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is proud to announce and endorse this International Architectural Ideas Competition for the design of a new National Museum of Afghanistan in Kabul. As Afghanistan’s paramount museum of the archaeological and ethnographic history of the nation, the Museum’s mission is to conserve, collect, study and exhibit important examples of the nation’s uniquely rich and diverse cultural patrimony, while educating the local and international communities and advancing the world’s knowledge and appreciation of Afghanistan’s remarkable history and traditions. The Museum itself is a symbol of this culture and of its perseverance and survival. This Competition presents a significant opportunity for collaboration between the international and local design communities and it will generate new and creative visions for the future of the Museum and for Afghanistan in the 21st century. Once the best of these ideas is fully developed and implemented, the Museum’s ability to carry out its stated mission, and to serve the people of Afghanistan and the world, will be greatly enhanced. It is the honor of the Ministry of Information and Culture of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to support this International Architectural Ideas Competition, which is being carried out with the collaboration and sponsorship of the Government of the United States of America and the U.S. Embassy in Kabul. Info: