London Festival of Architecture 2012

23 giugno - 8 luglio 2012, London
The London Festival of Architecture is a city-wide celebration of architecture and architectural talent in the UK capital. It brings architects and communities together to examine how we make London a better place. Organised by four leading architectural and cultural institutions, The Architecture Foundation, the British Council, New London Architecture and RIBA London, the London Festival of Architecture will examine the playful city and will focus on three London areas over three weekends. The theme for LFA 2012 will be ‘The Playful City’, proposing ways in which both Londoners and visitors can be active participants in the city. From reinterpreting familiar places through new installations and animations, redesigning public spaces to encourage physical fitness in the spirit of the Olympic Games, to testing interactive forms of consultation and planning for future urban development, festival participants will be encouraged to play in, and play with, the city around them. Throughout the Festival the Royal Docks in East London will also be transformed into ‘London’s Pleasure Gardens’, next to the Olympic venue at ExCel, with other events such as architects’ open studios and special exhibitions taking place across the city. Info: