Architectural Models by Peter Zumthor

23 giugno - 28 ottobre 2012, Bregenz (Austria)
In presenting Peter Zumthor’s architectural models the Kunsthaus Bregenz is opening a part of its hitherto little-known collection to a broader public. Few are aware that even before the opening of the Kunsthaus in 1997 purchase of works by contemporary Austrian artists as well as works at the crossroad of art and architecture by international artists had already begun. Significant donations by Donald Judd, Per Kirkeby, and others to accompany exhibitions and publications with the KUB have further extended the collection. Moreover, in the past three years there has been a policy of purchasing works from the big solo exhibitions or of artists donating them to the institution as a form of return service. One of the largest groups of works in the collection consists of architectural models by Peter Zumthor. Some of these exhibits have been in storage at the KUB since the architect’s solo exhibition in 2007. Further models have been or are still being added to the collection as permanent loans. As of June 2012 a selection of these models by Peter Zumthor will be on show in the 200 square-meter space on the first floor of the Post Office building directly adjacent to the Kunsthaus Bregenz. The curatorial conception and design of this showcase has been developed in close consultation with Peter Zumthor by Thomas Durisch. Info: