Moment – Le Corbusier’s Secret Laboratory

18 gennaio - 18 aprile 2013, Stockholm
Moderna Museet is making room for Le Corbusier and the first exhibition in Northern Europe covering his entire oeuvre. We all know that Le Corbusier is the most important architect of the 20th century, but comparatively few are aware that he was also a practising artist. The exhibition Moment – Le Corbusier’s Secret Laboratory is a unique opportunity to discover the full range of his output - with rarely-shown sculptures and paintings that shed new light on his most famous projects. The exhibition has five different themes. Each part deals with a vital step in Le Corbusier’s output: his purist paintings and the 1920s villas; his rediscovery of common values in the 1930s; his search for artistic synthesis after 1945; and the complex retrospection in his later works. Special attention will be given to Le Corbusier’s Swedish connections. His proposal for the urban plan for Lower Norrmalm in Stockholm (1933) and the museum he designed for the Ahrenberg collection (1962) are compared to related plans and projects. Moment – Le Corbusier’s Secret Laboratory comprises a variety of media and formats. The 200 works include paintings, landscape drawings, still-lifes, portraits, sculptures, textiles, architectural drawings, building and urban planning models, books and photographs. Info: